From Anarchy Minecraft
Approx. join dateAugust 5th 2019
Known AltslledneV
Reddit Username(s)None or unknown
CurrentSakura Hills

Vendell first joined in August 2019 after salc1's video on the server. After escaping spawn, Vendell would be invited to a group called Highway Patrol by mutedmercury. The group's main goal was to expand the x+ highway from a 1x2 to a 2x3 so horses could be used with entity speed on the highway. The group made a base called "The 80k Outpost" which was their home. After a few days, the outpost was griefed by Xormios (a famous pvper at the time). After the grief, Xormios revealed that he only had problems with the leader, and made ammends with the rest of the group. They had a good talk and Xormios would give him mapart and his silk touch pickaxe. Vendell still caries that pickaxe to this day.

After the fall of the 80k outpost, Highway Patrol basically disbanded. Then, Vendell went out to found his own base with the company of his then boyfriend, ReddAix. After establishing the base, the couple decided to make a mapart named e621. It was a success, and they finished in September 2019. Around that time, Vendell and ReddAix became more and more inactive, until Vendell completely quit in mid 2020.

In 2021, Vendell started playing again. ReddAix planned another map (aka liketions2341's FAVORITE map), but they were so inactive that it took them 9 months to complete it. After that, he would start interacting with the community again. He met liketinos2341 and NinjaOverSurge among other players. ReddAix then started building another map, the Bad Dragon logo.

One day they trapped Kony945 and made a spawnbase right beside the trap. Vendell was also invited to groups like mrrow and participated in events like the Blocktoberfest 2022. Currently he has a nomadic playstyle, now basing at Sakura Hills. There he built 2 maparts.