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Approx. join dateJuly 1, 2019; 5 years ago (2019-07-01)
Known AltsSiOtter
Reddit Username(s)None or unknown

SnappyHiker is a notable oldfag and builder. He's known for many things on the server, such as founding the CEO and helping to create the Oldfag wiki. He continues to play under a new IGN, pretending not to be SnappyHiker and making up delusions that SnappyHiker had apparently committed suicide. After becoming active again after a few years he is back to insiding bases through clever lies as naturally as a serpent. Recently he is known to be basing with Bruh77 and Namy at a humble spawnbase inbetween his trickery and jests.

History[edit | edit source]

First few days[edit | edit source]

SnappyHikers spawn escape was daring, they just had to walk out of spawn due to it being ungriefed when they joined. Snappy and there friend Nivoid soon made a base called Happyville Canada which acted as a spawnbase. It was abandoned and SnappyHiker went on to found Potato Island

Potato Island[edit | edit source]

Potato Island (note: it was called flower island at this point of time) was a small farm, it was going to act as a temp base. Snappy invited The Peacekeepers over and joined their group, the island expanded and grew allowing for it to be recognized as a sanctuary. FreeJay_ and his gang griefed it on july 10th, it was repaired but The Meerkats hit it with him afterwards making SnappyHiker and The Peacekeepers abandon the sanctuary.

CEO I[edit | edit source]

The CEO was Snaps first big base.

Early CEO photo taken by Snap

It started small with just 1 tower, it was meant to replace Snaps old sanctuary which she just abandoned and become essentially the next big thing. The CEO grew rapidly and became the largest base of the time. Then it got griefed and SnappyHiker decided to take some time off.

First big Restoration[edit | edit source]

SnappyHiker decided to repair potato island, it took a few hours but they got it done. SnappyHiker got the brilliant idea to repair Their old base

Duping[edit | edit source]

SnappyHiker after Duping their gear.

SnappyHiker on Oct 9th 2019 found a dupe and stated, "I will sell the dupe for cookies ingame, don't ask why I want them, I just need them."

CEO II[edit | edit source]

The CEO II suddenly was active again! anarch33, 1posa1, Gestimo, and a few others came to the base to help. Snap was trying to be quiet about it being active but 6rl was coming to the base to explore the ruins and found the restoration and leaked it, the base was griefed by Lavacaust and then its own group casted it to preserve it, like Pompeii..

CEO III[edit | edit source]

Snaps Group was back at it again, Cubert3d and Snap drew up huge base plans, it all seemed perfect. The RNCM seemed to be the perfect base. It was far out, it was secure, it was hard to find; nothing could go wrong at all! The base was insided by who they thought was SSJNSSJNSSJNSSJN, it turns out it was TCJudgz not SSJNSSJNSSJNSSJN who insided the base allowing Interstellar to grief it, SnappyHiker made her way to Potato Island with Cubert3d

Restoring Potato Again[edit | edit source]

Potato Island was casted by Spectrum as revenge for snappy leaking the cords. Cubert3d, joris2710, Gestimo, and SnappyHiker decided to repair it, the repairs were halfway complete when out of nowhere, the same guy who insided the RNCM griefed it, the restoration was called off and everyone went their separate ways for now.

"Quitting"[edit | edit source]

Snappy's time on the server around 2020 was only met with defeat, including a failed attempt to restore the CEO which resulted in him getting bed trapped by Genk and Johnmcswag. He also tried to make up a hoax that he had the dragon egg but no one believed him. He would quit for a while until his return under a new alias.

2021-2022[edit | edit source]

Snappy would base outside Potato Island on one of his many maintenance islands. From here he would chatfag and gain community trust for the next 2 years under a new identity before interacting with the community again.

2023 comeback[edit | edit source]

In 2023 Snappy would return by griefing Terjanq. By grief I clearly mean mine his obsidian farm, break a bit of stuff and then leave because Snappy (the editor for this part) is a poorfag. This began the greatest series of larp Snappy had ever done. Somehow he had been plaid up by the fitfags on the server to be this mysterious griefer with no allegiance. In reality Snappy just went to whoever the fuck would give him totems and help them. Sure he's a shit griefer but know what he was good at, intel. In 2023 all he did was get intel on bases, pass it off to griefers who wanted to stay anonymous and take the clout when the bases got blown up. The best example of this is cabal where the base members jewed out so much that most of them quit oldfag.

Snappy got bored of this after a while and graduated high school. He proceeded to then stop being as active and kind of just sits on an abandoned island now. He'll be absolutely amazed if anyone ever reads this and offers them to come visit him on minecrafts "oldest" server where he can tell you a good story or two. He dosent have the time to play Minecraft as much anymore and frankly wishes the other oldfags the best of luck in the future.

(Known) Builds and Bases[edit | edit source]

Photos[edit | edit source]