Mrrow is a group founded by H4ywire/lilywire some time in August 2022. The exact founding date is unknown due to the nebulous nature of the group's creation. As one could expect from a group with such a name, the group is known for meowing in chat and farming wheat.

Mrrow :3 (steelrain815's mapart)
Approx. founding dateAugust 2022
Number of members6
Number of bases4
Notable membersH4ywire/lilywire, liketinos2341

History Edit

It is unknown exactly when Mrrow was founded. Some time during the first or second week of August 2022. Lilywire had a habit of saying "mrrow" quite frequently in chat, often repeating the word with several variations of the phrase when chat was quiet. For unknown reasons, this attracted the attention of certain members of the community, and others soon began to join the "mrrowing" in chat. This continued until almost 2000 "mrrow" messages had been sent in chat.

Eventually, it suddenly occurred to lilywire one day that a base should be created for this unofficial group. This first base would be known as Mrrowpawn, later renamed Mrrowpawn 1 in retrospect. The name was a conjunction of "mrrow" and "spawn". As one could imagine based on the name, it was technically a spawn base. All of the group's bases would be roughly the same distance from spawn and subsequently named Mrrowpawn 2 and Mrrowpawn 3. The one exception to this naming rule was Vcabb, (Coffoffin's base).

Bases Edit

First Mrrow Edit

Mrrow started at a small base very close to spawn. This base did not have a name, and very little is known about its history. It was steelrain815's first spawnbase and the first Mrrow base. Vef1, a member of the now-nonexistent COR group, griefed the base after finding it approximately 2 weeks after the base was founded.

[name unknown]
BeginningAugust 2022
Builder(s)steelrain815, unknown
Coordinates3700, -300
Approx. date demolishedEnd of August 2022

Mrrowpawn 1 Edit

Mrrowpawn 1 was founded by lilywire on August 31st, 2022 after the first spawnbase was griefed. Mrrowpawn 1 was the biggest Mrrow base. It was spread across several islands, the main island being where most of the builds were. There was a medieval-style town with the mrrow logo (made by steelrain815) on the main island, a large wheat farm on an auxiliary island, and several other small builds dotted around the islands. This would be the longest-lasting Mrrow base while the group was still active. It was griefed in November 2022 when kibbles232 supposedly "found" the base randomly one day. Shortly afterword, hrchampion and kibbles232 would both conspire to grief Mrrowpawn 1. There was very little tnt used in the grief, and almost half the base was left intact.

"Mrrow :3"
Mrrowpawn 1 (pic via liketinos2341)
BeginningAugust 31st, 2022
Other denizensLilywire, liketinos2341, Vendell, Gabbric, steelrain815
Coordinates26900, -25300
Approx. date demolishedNovember 2022
Demolishershrchampion, kibbles232

Mrrowpawn 2 Edit

Mrrowpawn 2 was founded November 2022 after Mrrowpawn 1 was griefed. The original members from Mrrowpawn 1 (Vendell, liketinos2341, lilywire, Gabbric steelrain815) were also invited to the second Mrrow base. NinjaOverSurge would later be invited to Mrrow and the base after what can only be described as "excessive meowing" in chat and coining the term "mrrow cult", which would later be used to describe Mrrow by lilywire and other members of the group.

During the time of Mrrowpawn 2, steelrain815 would distance himself from the group and join Coffoffin's base (Vcabb). Some members also did not visit the base for unknown reasons. Although it was smaller than Mrrowpawn 1, Mrrowpawn 2 still had a wheat farm, a tower, and some other small builds.

One day, whether it be by accident or not, Gabbric leaked Mrrowpawn 2 in chat. Although nothing immediately happened, this action would earn Gabbric expulsion from future mrrow bases nonetheless. For reasons unknown, a player named iwonthis decided to dedicate himself to finding Mrrow. Eventually, after 3 days of searching, he found Mrrowpawn 2 and subsequently griefed it. iwonthis was also part of Mrrowpawn1 but was not included as an official member because of his actions at Mrrowpawn 2. It is also highly suspected by Mrrow members that iwonthis leaked Mrrowpawn 1 to kibbles232 because of this. Mrrowpawn 2 was griefed at the end of November 2022.

Mrrowpawn 3 Edit

Mrrowpawn 3 was founded by lilywire in December 2023 after Mrrowpawn 2 was griefed. Most of the original Mrrow members were also invited to Mrrowpawn 3 (Vendell, liketinos2341, steelrain815, NinjaOverSurge), but Gabbric was not invited in light of what occurred at the end of Mrrowpawn 2. Whether it be and accident or not did not matter as lilywire had made a decision. Nonetheless, the base went on and survives to this day. It is possibly the smallest of the Mrrow bases, consisting of a house with a small farm and a building dug into the side of a mountain. Rumor has it that lilywire made a solo base, but this has yet to be confirmed. Lilywire's whereabouts are unknown to this day.

Related Bases Edit

"Wheat contest'
Mrrowpawn 2 (pic via liketinos2341)
BeginningNovember 2022
Builder(s)Vendell, liketinos2341,ItzRubyy,steelrain814
Other denizensGabbric, lilywire
Coordinates21400, 21400
Approx. date leaked1 week before the grief
Approx. date demolishedDecember 2022

Coffoffin's base Edit

Although it was not an official Mrrow base, Coffoffin's base (Vcabb) was closely associated with Mrrow until shortly before it was griefed. Founded October 28th, 2022 by Coffoffin, Vcabb would soon become an unofficial Mrrow base when Coffoffin invited several members of Mrrow to the base. The base had a drained monument, a goldfarm, an obsidian farm, and a collection of small Greco-Roman-style builds by steelrain815. The farms were built by Coffoffin. Steelrain815 and Coffoffin were the original members of the base and would both build things there, while Mrrow members and others were invited, mostly on a whim, by Coffoffin at various times. There was also a mapwall housing Coffoffin's mapart collection

In January 2023 zxnyy visited Coffoffin's base. It is unknown exactly what happened, but Coffoffin would be accused of pedophilia after what became known as the "zxnyy incident". It is also unknown what exactly occurred in other cases, but there was sufficient "evidence" for SiOtter (SnappyHiker) and steelrain815 to decide for themselves. Needless to say, SiOtter and steelrain815 then conspired to subsequently loot and grief the base. NinjaOverSurge also mysteriously appeared at Coffoffin's base that day, much to SiOtter and steelrain815's surprise. It is unknown what role NinjaOverSurge had in this event. Nonetheless, the base rests in ruins to this day.

"Your FAVORITE map"
Mrrowpawn 3 (pic via tinos)
BeginningDecember 2022
Builder(s)LilyWire & liketino2341
Other denizenslilywire, Vendell, liketinos2341, steelrain815, NinjaOverSurge
Approx. date demolishedMay 27 2024

"zxny incident"
BeginningOctober 28th, 2022
Builder(s)Coffoffin, steelrain815
Other denizensliketinos2341, SiOtter, zxnyy, NinjaOverSurge
Coordinates167000, -48800
Approx. date leakedJanuary 20th, 2023
Approx. date demolishedJanuary 19th, 2023
DemolishersSiOtter, steelrain815