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Gallery of most known map arts as of early October 2019.

Map Art is a staple of minecraft servers, giving people the ability to make images without using any sort of resource pack, and no doubt there is plenty of map art to be found on

Early History[edit | edit source]

While the definitions can give it uncertainty, The first known and distributed mapart made on was probably "Dosirac", made by SavagePancakez in late July 2019. The first staircased mapart was "Welcome to", made by GeNkRaZyKiLLeR, in early August, while the first 2x1 staircased mapart was "Big Titty GORL" by cubert3d and Tristan in mid-August. "The Worst Mapart On" was made by SuperHunchen at the end of September. Other notable early mapart makers of 2019/early 2020 were Dogking, Dainert, anarch33, Arount, Chocoman01, and swordsman108. Dogking especially, who made a total of 14 maparts in this time, the rest making around 5-10 maparts each. Chocoman made the biggest mapart of the time, although it was unfinished, Swordsman making the biggest finished one.

Gallery of most known map arts as of early November 2019.

A gallery of early server maparts are on Mapart/Gallery

Gallery/Catalog[edit | edit source]

Several people have attempted to record and catalog maps including ASoul69, who made the Oldfag Archive website and Discord server, Hifunc maintains a spreadsheet attempting to catalog every map art on the server. It is not always up to date though. It contains information on at least 450 different map arts.

Largest Mapart in Survival Minecraft[edit | edit source]

The greatest feat of Oldfag's mapartists was one that will go down in the history books of all of Minecraft- through the course of 10 months and the work of 27 people, "The Last Supper" was created, a 30x11 mapart, the largest ever made in survival Minecraft. The project was proposed in September of 2020 and started a month later, lead largely by Podrockian, FRGR, and tckrtxa. It was organized through a spreadsheet system, where each person was assigned specific parts of the spreadsheet to work on, this itself being managed and maintained by AgentFrog1, and the massive schematic managed by Addalad. The 330th map was finished on August 13th 2021, setting a world record for Minecraft's maparts.

The Last Supper
Gallery of a majority of known map arts, March 2021. The Last Supper would take up about one side of the wall. Most early maparts are in the left side of the front wall, showing the massive expansion of maps since 2019. - More detail can be seen on the creator's reddit post