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Welcome to The Wiki! is an anarchy Minecraft server and 2b2t alternative, created June 24 2019. Created by John200410, It already has a rich history, a playerbase of 30-100, almost no duped items, and with elytra and elytrafly enabled.

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Wiki Info

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the Wiki, of course, griefing pages (editing them with spam or irrelevant info, adding obvious misinformation, or deleting pages with content) will get you blocked from the wiki.

If you'd like to start creating pages, either put the name of the page you want in the Url after /wiki/, or search it up in the search bar. If you search it up, click on the name with the red letters to start creating the page. The first time you create the page, you need to use the source editor, but if you create it and edit it again, you can start using the visual editor.

Wiki Staff



If you want to become an admin, it's expected you have no major group affiliations, you're at least somewhat active on the server and have been on the server since at least July. No objective process, those are just the rules. DM me at boatfullogoats#3915 with your IGN.

Wiki History

The wiki was made by Boatfullogoats (ign GeNkRaZyKiLLeR) early August with the help of SnappyHiker.