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About is an anarchy Minecraft server and 2b2t alternative, created on June 24 2019 by John200410. It already has a rich history, a playerbase of 30-100, almost no duped items, and with elytras and elytrafly enabled. Over 125,000 players have joined the world, and the world size is 7.3 TB. Its original map was during 2017-2018, until it was reset.

The server was created on version 1.12 and its current version is 1.20.4. It was updated on January 28th 2024, from version 1.19.2 which it updated to on July 24th 2023.


  • Anyone is welcome to contribute to the wiki, but don't grief pages, or insert misinformation or spam. Inserting any sort of personal attacks, harassment, or obviously opinionated lines is considered griefing, along with removing everything on a page, replacing it with spam, etc. Not all claims can be validated, and not everything is expected to be on a smaller and more informal wiki like this.
  • There is obvious bias like treating an opinion as fact, or subtler biases, like giving details of a serverwide event from your perspective, and thus giving more attention to certain parts of it and ignoring others. On more personal pages like a personal player or group page this subtler form of bias is less moderated, and it doesn't matter as much as long as there is not misinformation or opinions in it, but there will always be a disclaimer put at the top of the page. Pages that depict multiple player events, like a crusade or community base are more scrutinized.



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